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"Revolutionizing Tech Education: CIS and Al-Maarif University's Dynamic Symposium on AI and Blockchain"

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In a display of international academic unity and innovation, the Center for International Studies (CIS) at the University of Kharazmi teamed up with Al-Maarif University College for a groundbreaking two-day symposium. This event, held virtually on February 6th and 7th, 2024, turned the spotlight on the most thrilling advancements in technology and cybersecurity, drawing an enthusiastic crowd of scholars and students from across the globe.
Day one of the symposium was nothing short of electrifying. Dr. Mojtaba Ali Zadeh, from the University of Kharazmi's Computer Engineering department, diving into the complex world of "AI-Based Techniques Employed in Cyber-Attacks Security." Participants were treated to a masterclass in the ever-evolving role of artificial intelligence in strengthening our cyber defenses, a topic that resonates deeply in our digital age.
Riding the wave of the first day's success, the symposium shifted gears on February 7th to a topic that's on everyone's lips: "Blockchain Methods and Employment." Again led by the charismatic Dr. Ali Zadeh, this session opened up a treasure trove of insights into how blockchain technology is reshaping industries far and wide.
The depth and breadth of discussions across both days were a testament to the unwavering commitment of CIS and Al-Maarif University College in nurturing academic and cultural exchange. This symposium wasn't just another event; it was a cornerstone in a series of collaborative initiatives, solidifying the partnership between these two prestigious institutions. Their joint focus spans across academic, scientific, cultural, and research domains, setting a new standard for international cooperation.
CIS, through events like this symposium, continues to blaze a trail in fostering international relations and academic excellence. The overwhelming success of this collaboration with Al-Maarif University College is a vibrant reminder of CIS's pivotal role in weaving together diverse academic communities and sparking cross-cultural dialogues that shape the future of education.

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