Mission and Vision of the CIS

 | Post date: 2024/01/27 | 
At the Center for International Studies at Kharazmi University, our vision is to become a global academic nexus, leading the way in international scientific, cultural, and technological interactions. We are committed to building a hub that not only connects with academic institutions worldwide but also pioneers in knowledge-driven structures and information technology innovations. Our objective is to harness opportunities, both traditional and emerging, on a national and international scale, creating a global network of educational and research collaborations.
Our mission is to cultivate dynamic capacities and frameworks for knowledge exchange and engagement. We aim to agilely foster scientific, cultural, technological, and academic interactions at both local and global levels, aligning with our organizational and national goals. This mission involves acknowledging the needs of our stakeholders and collaborating with internal and external experts. Together, we form specialized task forces to explore optimal conditions in specific international regions for fruitful interactions.
The significance of bolstering scientific and technological exchanges at university, national, and international tiers cannot be overstated. The journey of Kharazmi University's international outreach commenced in 2016 with the establishment of the “Center for European Studies,” primarily focusing on European academic partnerships. However, recognizing the evolving landscape of global interactions and the growing importance of markets and academic centers in regions like East Asia, Oceania, Africa, Central and South America, and other emerging areas, we evolved. In 2023, the Center broadened its horizons, transitioning to the “Center for International Studies.” This strategic shift extends our reach beyond a single continent, enabling us to tap into the potential of emerging scientific and technological institutions across the globe.
The Center for International Studies is dedicated to creating a vibrant platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. We focus on exploring academic opportunities, research and educational grants, understanding the challenges of the modern scientific and technological world, and devising practical solutions to leverage these opportunities effectively. Moreover, the Center plays a pivotal role in elevating the international profile of Kharazmi University. We do this by analyzing global academic trends, producing insightful reports, and developing strategies to capitalize on the opportunities we create.
Looking ahead, the Center is set to explore and identify the potential for cooperation and engagement with national and international universities and foundations. This aligns with our commitment to achieving objectives outlined in organizational and national documents. Our research and strategic initiatives are in harmony with the directives of the Supreme Leader (May his shadow be prolonged), focusing on enhancing educational, research, cultural, and technological ties with allied countries, thereby furthering the international objectives of Kharazmi University.
At the Center for International Studies, we are not just embracing global academic challenges; we are shaping the future of international collaboration and innovation. Join us in our journey to create a world that is more connected, knowledgeable, and collaborative.


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