Esteemed Seismologist Dr. Mehdi Zare Engages with the Center for International Studies

 | Post date: 2024/06/12 | 
On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, the Center for International Studies (CIS) was honored to host Dr. Mehdi Zare, a distinguished Professor of Engineering Seismology and Natural Disaster Management. The visit provided an invaluable opportunity to discuss enhancing the impact of the CIS in international and regional disaster management collaborations.
During his visit, Dr. Zare shared his expert opinions and recommendations aimed at strengthening collaborative efforts and improving initiatives in disaster management. The discussions continued with Dr. Hossein Mohajeri, the Head of the Center for International Studies at the university, who expressed gratitude to Professor Zare for his visit and proposed the organization of a joint international and regional event, receiving a positive response from Dr. Zare.
At the meeting's conclusion, Dr. Zare emphasized the center's role in devising innovative solutions and operationalizing international agreements and protocols related to natural crises. He stressed the vital importance of ongoing collaborations in advancing global resilience against disasters. Dr. Zare concluded by wishing the Center for International Studies success in implementing its strategic goals.


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Kharazmi University Bolsters International Ties with Istanbul Technical University

 | Post date: 2024/05/11 | 
In an important virtual assembly on Tuesday, the Centre for International Studies at Kharazmi University welcomed esteemed colleagues from Istanbul Technical University via an online platform. Orchestrated by Dr. Mehry Akbary, Deputy Head of International Relations Office at Kharazmi, the summit aimed to solidify and implement the terms outlined in their memorandum of understanding.
The meeting commenced with Professor Ömer Ekmekcioğlu, leading the delegation from Istanbul, receiving a warm reception from Dr. Ali Azimi, who highlighted the critical need to bring the theoretical agreements into practical fruition. Dr. Azimi stressed the benefits such collaborative endeavors promise for both institutions.
The discussions, rich in dialogue and strategic planning, were co-chaired by Dr. Seyed Hossein Mahajeri and Dr. Akbary. The focus was squarely on initiating joint research projects that address pressing regional challenges such as drought, water scarcity, climate change, and the burgeoning crisis of dust storms. In an innovative move, the assembly agreed to launch a joint summer school and to exchange insights on the internationalisation of universities and effective strategies for garnering international funding.
As the meeting drew to a close, both parties underscored the importance of actioning the agreed-upon initiatives, hopeful that these efforts will deepen the ties between the two nations and foster a spirit of enduring cooperation.


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Kharazmi University’s Mathematics Faculty Students Shine in National Competition

 | Post date: 2024/05/5 | 
Kharazmi University proudly announces that its Mathematics Faculty team clinched sixth place in the 46th National Student Mathematics Competition. The team, composed of some of the most gifted students from the faculty, was expertly guided by Dr. Nayereh Eliasi, a distinguished faculty member of the Mathematics and Computer Sciences Faculty. Their collective dedication and hard work have contributed another stellar achievement to Kharazmi University’s distinguished educational record.
The students who brought honor to Kharazmi University with their exceptional skills and dedication are:
• Gagik Anjargholi, who earned a silver medal, showcasing his exceptional talents.
• Amir Arsalan Badi Pa, Amir Mehdi Mohseni, and Ahad Alizadeh Aghbolaghi, each of whom was awarded a bronze medal for their outstanding performances.
• Mobin Amini, who was honored with a diploma of merit, demonstrating the significance of perseverance and commitment in achieving scientific objectives.
The Center for International Studies of Kharazmi University extends its warmest congratulations to these remarkable students and the Mathematics Faculty. We are hopeful that their accomplishments will inspire peers from various disciplines to vigorously pursue their academic objectives and attain greater personal and institutional success.

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Embracing Nowruz: A Message of Renewal, Peace, and Development from the Center for International Studies

 | Post date: 2024/03/21 | 
As we stand on the threshold of Nowruz, the venerable celebration that heralds the spring and inaugurates a new year, we, the Center for International Studies, express our sincerest felicitations to our esteemed academic community and all who observe this auspicious occasion. Nowruz, a symbol of renewal, regeneration, and dynamism, beautifully mirrors the awakening of nature, reminding us of the profound transformation within and around us. Esteemed by UNESCO in 2003 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in 2010 as the International Day of Nowruz, this festival embodies the quintessence of reconciliation, peace, and human solidarity — values that have been pivotal to civilizations and are echoed in the foundational aims of the United Nations.
As we embrace the spirit of Nowruz, it is an opportune moment to reflect on the enduring message it conveys about the intrinsic link between peace and development. Nowruz prompts us to acknowledge that the attainment of peace is a precondition for sustainable development, and conversely, that true development reinforces the prospects for lasting peace. In this context, the role of the academic and scientific communities is paramount. By championing tolerance, respect for human rights, peaceful coexistence, and the eradication of violence, these communities are the architects of a future marked by sustainable peace and development. Through dedicated efforts in education, research, and the facilitation of scientific dialogues, they lay the groundwork for a more peaceful and just world.
In this season of rejuvenation, let us draw inspiration from the timeless wisdom of Nowruz and the strategic vision of our leadership. As the Center for International Studies, we are committed to leveraging our collective expertise and capabilities to foster a culture of peace and development, aligning our endeavors with the noble objectives set forth by our Supreme Leader. We are poised to contribute to the nation's progress and the flourishing of our academic institutions, guided by the principles of peace, collaboration, and cultural exchange that Nowruz so eloquently promotes.
We extend our warmest wishes for a Nowruz that not only brings joy and fulfillment but also inspires a commitment to collective action. For those interested in joining forces with us in pursuit of a more peaceful and sustainable world, we encourage you to reach out. Your support and collaboration are invaluable as we strive to advance our mission at the Center for International Studies.
May this Nowruz mark the beginning of a year filled with growth, success, and the realization of our shared aspirations for a harmonious and prosperous global community. Happy Nowruz to everyone, may it herald a new era of collaboration and renewal.


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Technical Panel Explores the Tourism in Iran’s Aquatic Structure

 | Post date: 2024/03/17 | 
The Center for International Studies (CIS), in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair on Water Reuse, successfully held a specialized conference titled " Experiencing Tourism in Iran's contemporary and Ancient Aquatic Structures" on March 10, 2024, from 14:00 to 16:00. This significant event was supported by the Iranian Hydraulic Association and expertly chaired by Dr. Fakhari, a faculty member in the Tourism department at Kharazmi University. The conference was accessible both in-person and online, catering to a wide audience.
The session commenced with an insightful lecture by Dr. Mohammadreza Majidi, an associate professor in the Regional Studies department at the University of Tehran. Representing the Sustainable Cultural Tourism Club and the Iranian UNESCO Cooperation Association, Dr. Majidi spoke on "The Importance, Laws, Regulations, and Governance of Water." He revisited the initiation of World Water Day in 1992, emphasizing the critical message behind the 2023 theme: "Accelerating Change to Solve the Water Crisis." Dr. Majidi's discussion underscored the urgent need to expedite solutions to the global water crisis. He further advocated for heritage-based tourism as an approach that is sustainable, responsible, community-centric, and eco-friendly, presenting it as an opportunity for the development of communities. Highlighting the significance of underwater cultural heritage and the necessity for acquiring specialized knowledge in this area, Dr. Majidi set a thoughtful tone for the day's discussions.
Following him, Mr. Ehsan Eiravani, a specialist in cultural heritage and tourism, took the stage to discuss "Water Management in the Historical Structures of Khuzestan Province." He revealed that an extensive survey, covering about 3,000 kilometers by vehicle and 300 kilometers on foot, identified over 583 historic water structures. This monumental effort not only paves the way for national and international recognition of this water heritage but also lays the foundation for an innovative tourism initiative centered on these sites. Eiravani critiqued the one-size-fits-all approach to tourism planning, advocating instead for bespoke strategies that honor the unique characteristics of each area.
Dr. Mojtaba Shafiei, an expert in water policy, contributed to the discussion via an online lecture titled "Sustainable Development from Cliché to Practice." He argued compellingly that water is the linchpin of development; without it, there can be no progress. Highlighting the adverse effects of unsustainable development on natural resources worldwide, Dr. Shafiei called for integrated water management, drawing on the millennia-old technology of qanats as a model for sustainable, nature-based solutions. He emphasized the need for quantification, measurement, and continuous evaluation of water resources to achieve sustainable management.
Dr. Mohammad Amin Izadju, a specialist in water tourism, delivered a presentation on "Business Models for Tourism Accommodations." He pointed out the rapid expansion of eco-lodges in Iran and their pivotal role in promoting sustainable tourism, yet noted the absence of a comprehensive and sustainable business model for this vital socio-economic sector. Dr. Izadju suggested that tapping into the vast, underutilized potential of dams, water bodies, and water facilities could significantly boost the country's tourism industry, yielding benefits such as job creation, economic prosperity, security, and improved social welfare. He highlighted ongoing governmental efforts to encourage investment in the development and promotion of tourism initiatives surrounding water resources and facilities.
The conference concluded with a lively Q&A session, where participants engaged with the speakers on various topics. The discussions throughout the day underscored CIS at Kharazmi University and UNESCO chair on water reuse’s firm commitment to advancing scientific knowledge on pressing national issues. The organizers hope this specialized conference will be a crucial step forward in the development of heritage-based tourism, leveraging Iran's rich cultural and natural resources for sustainable growth.


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