Kharazmi University Bolsters International Ties with Istanbul Technical University

 | Post date: 2024/05/11 | 
In an important virtual assembly on Tuesday, the Centre for International Studies at Kharazmi University welcomed esteemed colleagues from Istanbul Technical University via an online platform. Orchestrated by Dr. Mehry Akbary, Deputy Head of International Relations Office at Kharazmi, the summit aimed to solidify and implement the terms outlined in their memorandum of understanding.
The meeting commenced with Professor Ömer Ekmekcioğlu, leading the delegation from Istanbul, receiving a warm reception from Dr. Ali Azimi, who highlighted the critical need to bring the theoretical agreements into practical fruition. Dr. Azimi stressed the benefits such collaborative endeavors promise for both institutions.
The discussions, rich in dialogue and strategic planning, were co-chaired by Dr. Seyed Hossein Mahajeri and Dr. Akbary. The focus was squarely on initiating joint research projects that address pressing regional challenges such as drought, water scarcity, climate change, and the burgeoning crisis of dust storms. In an innovative move, the assembly agreed to launch a joint summer school and to exchange insights on the internationalisation of universities and effective strategies for garnering international funding.
As the meeting drew to a close, both parties underscored the importance of actioning the agreed-upon initiatives, hopeful that these efforts will deepen the ties between the two nations and foster a spirit of enduring cooperation.



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