Delegation from Baghdad University of Technology Tours Kharazmi University’s Center for International Studies, Sparks Collaborative Dialogues

 | Post date: 2024/02/7 | 
In a significant step towards enhancing academic and research collaboration, Kharazmi University recently welcomed a distinguished delegation from Baghdad University of Technology. This visit, a direct outcome of the MoU signed between the two universities, underscores the growing importance of international academic partnerships.

On Sunday, January 28, 2024, the delegation's arrival marked the beginning of a series of insightful interactions. Comprising esteemed heads from the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Sciences, as well as the leaders of the Postgraduate Studies and International Office from Baghdad University of Technology, the delegation embarked on an exploratory tour of the Center for International Studies at Kharazmi University.

Dr. Mohajeri, the head of the Center for International Studies (CIS), extended a warm welcome to the guests. He eloquently introduced the center's mission, objectives, and future vision, setting the tone for a constructive dialogue.
The meeting, which spanned over two hours, delved into discussing shared challenges and potential areas of collaboration. The Iraqi delegation highlighted critical issues such as dust storms and water scarcity, problems prevalent in their region. They expressed a keen interest in collaborating with Kharazmi University's Middle East and North Africa (MENA) research group to address these challenges.
A highlight of the visit was the mutual agreement to support the center's international events, with a special emphasis on the upcoming second International Conference on Hydraulics scheduled for fall 2024.
The meeting concluded on a high note, with Dr. Mohajeri proposing a cooperation memorandum between the two institutions. The proposal was met with enthusiasm from the Iraqi delegation, who recognized the impressive capabilities of Kharazmi University's Center for International Studies as a valuable asset in fostering ties with Baghdad University of Technology.
This visit and the positive feedback received pave the way for future collaborations and knowledge-based economic exchanges, further solidifying the role of both universities as key players in the international academic arena.


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