Virtual Conference with Al-Maarif University, Iraq

 | Post date: 2024/01/6 | 
On December 19, 2023, an online assembly was held in collaboration with Al-Maarif University, an institution based in Iraq.
This session was convened following Kharazmi University's active participation in the Iran-Iraq Science Week program, organized in October of the current year by the Deputy of International Scientific Cooperation, Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of Iran.
During the Iran-Iraq Week of Science, formal collaboration agreements were established with nine prominent universities in Iraq.
The event was attended by representatives from Kharazmi University, including the university president and the head of the International Relations Office.

During the session on December 9th, the following agreements were reached and emphasized by both institutions:
1. Formation of a joint research team between the two universities to expedite scientific research collaboration and international publication of scientific articles. Al-Maarif University committed to covering the expenses associated with open-access publication of joint research findings.
2. Provision of postdoctoral programs tailored for the academic faculty of Al-Maarif University, including hybrid virtual and in-person courses planned and conducted by Kharazmi University to meet the specific requirements of Al-Maarif University.
  3. Planning and execution of educational courses for bachelor's degree students as a dual-degree program for students of both universities.
4. Hosting of graduates of Al-Maarif University undertaking their postgraduate studies at the master's and doctoral levels by Kharazmi University.
5. Emphasis on the need to convene joint scientific conferences between the two universities.
6. Planning and execution of an online workshop centered on cybersecurity, catering specifically to the educational needs of Al-Maarif University by Kharazmi University.



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